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The cornerstone of my practice centers around the relationship we have with ourselves. How we treat & care for ourselves emotionally is key to our well-being and a state of being well. Only when in a state of being well will our relationships with others start to flourish.  

As a Life Coach I specialize in the areas of weight-loss & relationships. It is my experience that these two areas are fundamentally intertwined & have either extremely negative or positive effects on emotional wellness. 

 I am an accredited life coach, but more importantly I coach from a position of knowing. I have experienced and still do have first-hand experience in the challenges of weight loss. From not being able to make it through short walks I decided to become my first client. I have lost 39 kg's in this process and have 25 kg's more to go. I share this openly because I am proud of my journey but more specifically because I know what works. I know the challenges, the deflation and self-depreciation. 

It is from a relate-able place I am able to offer perspective, support & accountability to my clients. 




 Disclaimer: Life-Coaching sessions serves to support personal accountability. It does not replace the counsel of a dietitian or medical practitioner.