My name is Juanita Christians & I am a practicing life coach in Kuils River, Cape Town.

I have spent over 10 years as a Corporate People Manager & a big part of my role was performance coaching. I have had very effective & well documented outcomes, which prompted me to take my skills one step further & enhance the lives of others.

I specialize in the areas of weight loss & relationships. Combined with my knowledge and training, I have chosen weight loss as an area of focus because I am a product of my own weight loss coaching.

As your coach, your goals become my goals and together we will achieve them. My role in my clients' journeys is one of accountability. Looking at what you most want to achieve and breaking it down into smaller, suitable & manageable goals.

I am result-driven and work best with clients who are equally determined to reach their goals. A coaching relationship is not an indefinite relationship, it is goal orientated. In essence, I am here to get you from where you are; to where you want to be.




Life Coaching Certification – Blackford Institute (UK)

Life Power Certification – BWISE Training Solutions

 High Power People Training - ILS